Michigan Supreme Court rules in sex offender registry case

Michigan Supreme Court

LANSING, Mich. - Michigan's Supreme Court says a Detroit-area man who served probation and community service after being charged with touching a girl's breast when he was 19 can be removed from a sex offender registry.

The court released its ruling Wednesday on Boban Temelkoski's Wayne County case.

Temelkoski pleaded guilty in 1994 to second-degree criminal sexual conduct. The case was dismissed under a diversion program for young offenders.

American Civil Liberties Union of Michigan senior staff attorney Miriam Aukerman says diversion programs are "designed to give people a second chance," but Temelkoski's name was later added to the state's sex offender registry when it was created.

Temelkoski has said potential employers have no access to his old sealed court case, but can look him up on the registry.

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