Michigan weather boosts battle with annoying, costly potholes

By Shawn Ley - Reporter

OAK PARK, Mich. - The musical group "De La Soul" rhymed about "Potholes in my lawn" in 1988. Today, it's potholes on our roads.

They're back, they're big and getting bigger every day. 

This winter's wild mix of weather is the cause of our crumbling roads.

Cindy Dingell, Deputy Wayne County CEO, tells Local 4, "It's going to get worse. We're patching as fast as we can, but with the weather, they're Band-Aids when we need stitches."

Metro Detroit roads are suffering under freezing temperatures followed by quick warm ups, heavy rains and then steady snows.

Water and ice work into pavement and patches, expanding and breaking up the road's surface forming the pothole.

Any pothole not patched is getting larger and larger.

Potholes patched last week were wiped out by two days of soaking rains. 

Master Mechanic 

Curt Massoll of Oak Park's "green" high-tech car service center "Curt's Service" thought he had seen it all as far as car repairs and damages goes until now.

A Honda Accord was towed into his shop showing massive damaged caused in part by a pothole.

The car's alloy wheel is broken, it appears a bite has been taken out of it.

Under the wheel, the car's steel break rotors have been sheared right in half.

In the back of the car, suspension rods were bent.

"This driver likely hit a pothole sending the car into a curb. I've never seen anything like it," Massoll said.

Total damage done to that car: $2,400. 

The average cost of potholes to you is $300-$700 a year according to State Farm Insurance. 

See a pothole?

Report it to 1-888-ROAD-CREW.

You can also report potholes to Local 4 on Twitter @local4news amd #live4traffic.

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