12 Mile bridge project begins near I-75 in Madison Heights

MDOT says expect traffic delays

By Paula Tutman - Reporter
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MADISON HEIGHTS, Mich. - Michigan Department of Transportation, spokesperson, Rob Morosi says if you drive anywhere near or around the Twelve Mile, I-75 corridor hold on to your hat, pack your patience and above all, start looking for an alternate route now. 

Structural Engineers have found compromises in the i-75 bridge that goes over 12 Mile near the Home Depot and Lowes. 

As much as M-DOT would like to wait to make the repairs, it just can't be done.  This is not a planned repair project as much as an emergency one.  What happens is for the next ten days, workers will put apparatus in place to shut ramps, can to make rolling lane closures.  It means driving on 12 Mile, a major east/west thoroughfare will be difficult, at best.  You won't be able to enter 12 mile from the freeway or exit from there.  On January 26th the bridge repairs begin.

Expect traffic to be impeded in all directions of I-75.  While the freeway won't be completely shut down, rolling lane closures will occur making rush hour a nuisance.  Morosi explains the best thing for commuters to do is plan their alternate routes now and expect to stick to them until the project is completed, which should be sometime around March.

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