Ad blasts Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder's plan to hike vehicle registration, gas tax

Bloomfield Hills creative agency behind ad won't reveal client

By Mara MacDonald - Reporter
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LANSING, Mich. - Michigan Governor Rick Snyder is proposing a vehicle registration hike and raising the gas tax from 18 cents to 33 cents.

A typical family would pay $120 more per car each year if the changes go into effect.

It's an incredibly unpopular plan in the capitol.

Now, a new ad blasting the plan, is all the buzz in political circles.

Local 4 traced the ad to a Bloomfield Hills creative agency, but they won't reveal who their client is.

The unpopularity of the plan is so great, the ad could be backed by anyone including; Democrats, The Tea Party and yes, even Republicans.

The ad started to leak out yesterday, now it's the piece of political theater everyone wants to see.

What the ad signifies is a long, ugly battle over paying more for gas and more to register vehicles.

Veteran political consultant Joe Disano watched a copy of the ad on Monday.

He says it doesn't surprise him one iota.

"I think this ad is the start. I think you're going to see more broadly placed and upfront advertising. This is only the beginning," Disano said.

The push is on to get the road funding package through the legislature in March, but the consensus form legislators who want to go on camera is, fat chance.

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