Bashara trial expected to be unprecedented in Wayne County

Bob Bashara accused of plotting to have wife Jane Bashara killed

By Hank Winchester - Reporter

DETROIT - The Local 4 Defenders are learning new information about the Bob Bashara case and one thing is for sure: the trial is going to be huge.

The case against Grosse Pointe Park father and businessman Bob Bashara will take center stage next year. The trial likely will begin in March.

"The volume of this case is one unprecedented, really, with the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office," said legal expert Todd Flood.

The Defenders have learned there is a mountain of evidence. This case has been ongoing for almost two years. Detectives are still hard at work putting it all together. The trial itself likely will last more than a month.

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"The witness list is probably close to 300 witnesses, tens of thousands of pages. I think this will be between 10,000 and 20,000 pages of documents," said Flood.

The investigation and trial will have a focus on Bashara's alleged plot to have his wife, Jane Bashara, killed. It also will take a close look at Bob's secret S&M life.

"Then they'll back it up with all these different lifestyle moments in his life and his kind of dual life," said Flood.

There are a few housekeeping items to wrap up but if everything goes according to plan the trial could get underway in March.

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