Bike thefts on the rise in the Grosse Pointes

GROSSE POINTE, Mich. - It's common to hear of money, jewelry or cars being constantly stolen all over metro Detroit. But in some areas, bikes are the popular choice of thieves.

Just recently, two bike thefts were reported in one night. As minor as that sounds, it's actually becoming a common issue in the Grosse Pointe communities.

"I keep mine in my garage and it's locked," said resident George Simon. "I don't have the trouble, but I know it's been a problem."

Grosse Pointe Farms police have received a handful of stolen bike reports in the past couple of weeks, and Grosse Pointe Park police have a 50 to 60-year-old Detroit man in custody for stealing a bike overnight. While these reports seem scattered here and there, the numbers when added up reveal a growing problem.

"Bikes are expensive, and with the economy, criminals can make a quick buck," said local bike rider Bret Wahlberg.

It's called a crime of opportunity, and bikes are being stolen from outside of buildings, out of garages and even off of front lawns.

"I never leave it anywhere," Wahlberg said. "It gets locked up in the garage or it goes into the party store with me, and my eyes are on it at all times. Otherwise, it is gone in 60 seconds."

However, some residents are not as careful.

Simon's cousin was one of the less fortunate. Her bike was stolen out her garage because the door was left open.

Police say neighborhoods along the Moross corridor are just another one of the recent targets for thieves. They are advising residents to lock up the bikes or risk losing them - it's just that simple.

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