Bloomfield Township Fire Department awarded $64,150 grant for wireless smoke detectors

Fire department receives grant for wireless smoke detectors which 'talk' to one another

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BLOOMFIELD TOWNSHIP, Mich. - The Bloomfield Township Fire Department was awarded a $64,150 grant from the federal government for the purchase and installation of 1,675 wireless smoke detectors.

Bloomfield is one of four departments in the State of Michigan to receive funding.

The money will fund a project that enables early notification and protection of high risk groups of children, adults, and seniors in adult foster care facilities through wireless smoke detectors.

Inspections of Bloomfield Township residential facilities over the past two years showed some lacked proper coverage according to recommendations from the National Fire Protection Association.

The Square Lake Hills Condominium association, agreed to install the wireless detectors to replace its aging detectors.

After successful installation and testing, it was determined that the project was worthy of requesting funds from the Assistance to Firefighters Grant (AFG) program to address other multi-residential occupancies and the adult foster care facilities in the Township.

"We are strongly committed to enacting this potentially lifesaving program. Bloomfield Township will share 10% of the overall costs. This project will give back to the community and better protect the thousands of residents who live in these homes," said Fire Chief Dave Piche.

Wireless smoke detector systems use the latest technology to "talk" to one another.

If one detector in a building senses smoke, it alerts all other detectors in that system simultaneously.

This interconnectivity provides the best advanced notification for occupants.

It gives residents or caregivers additional time to evacuate in the event of smoke or fire.

The detectors operate on batteries and can be added to existing wired systems to enhance the coverage a residence may already have.

The Bloomfield Township Board of Trustees unanimously accepted the grant at the September 10th public meeting.

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