Bob Bashara's attorney says Rachel Gillett is person of interest after she files PPO against Bob

Gillett files personal protection order, tells judge she fears for her own safety

DETROIT - Bob Bashara's attorney, David Griem, hasn't seen the personal protection order yet, but says he questions Rachel Gillett's credibility.

Griem said it appears she is following the old maxim: The best defense is a good offense.

"We've had investigators in our own search for the truth in this matter and I would indicate to you, in light of what she allegedly did today, that she has been one of our persons of interest in this investigation into the death of Jane Bashara," Griem said.

Gillett, who is allegedly Bob Basahara's mistress, wants him to stay away.

She wrote a letter to her local judge asking for a personal protection order against her reputed lover Bob Bashara.

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"I'm very concerned about my safety," Gillett writes.

"I feel very bad for Rachel," said her attorney Doraid Elder. "She's really a victim of manipulation and lies."

After Bob Bashara's wife, Jane Bashara, was killed, Gillett says she realized "(Bob) is much more of a danger to me than I ever imagined before and I am terrified he will hurt me."

Elder said Gillett has been cooperating with law enforcement and could be a key witness against Bob Bashara who has been called a person of interest in his wife's murder investigation.

"If Rachel isn't around then that can be to Bob's benefit and she's petrified of this," Elder said.

After telling Bob through is attorney, David Griem, to leave her alone, Gillett says Bob has not stopped for one instance banging on her front door.

"A neighbor that lives near Rachel heard some pounding on a door and looked out there and saw Bob trying to gain entry into Rachel's house," Elder said.

According to documents, Gillett became frightened after Bob left her a crucifix made of palm leaf inside her mailbox. It was something he had given her the last three years of their relationship.

Gillett discovered the cross as she talked with an investigator.

"She grabbed the mail while she was talking to him and she found it and she gasped," Elder said.

Gillett ends her plea to the judge as succinct as she began, writing, " ... because he won't leave me alone now I am terrified of what he will do."

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