Buying 'Pure Michigan' made easy

Michigan growers test marketing products at Kroger

By Paula Tutman - Reporter

DETROIT - Wee Bee Jammin'.  No, it's not a movie about Bahamian Bob Sledders.  Food for Thought.  Yes, that's always good.  But these are

Michigan made products by home grown mom and pops who have been given the opportunity of a lifetime.  The road to the grocery food aisle is long, hard and costly.  But for some very lucky local food vendors with a great product who've been peddling their food-wares at local festivals, on-line and to a few loyal customers, Kroger has provided an opportunity of a lifetime.  It's new commitment is to give local food vendors some shelf life.  They get to test their products on the shelves of a major grocery store.  If the product does well, Kroger will expand their commitment by putting the product in its warehouses.  It's something that almost never happens and Cindy McComb of the Tomato Kitchen knows first hand.  She's been selling her salad dressing at community fairs and from her restaurant for years.  And when she got the email from Kroger inviting her to put her product on their shelves, she first thought it was a joke.  But this morning she woke up and saw for herself that her very own Sweet Salad Sauce and Marinade was on the shelf of the Waterford Kroger store and she wasn't dreaming. 

SLIDESHOW: Buying 'Pure Michigan' made easy

It's also a game changer for companies like Safies which pickles beets, cucumbers and asparagus.  In less than a week, their products have been flying off the shelves of the 21 Kroger stores that feature the Michigan Experience.  In fact, Saffies pickled asparagus is doing so well, Kroger is already considering giving it more shelf space and mainstreaming the product.


This is huge, just huge for local growers, canners, picklers and people who live in Michigan, love Michigan, work in Michigan and have chosen to manufacture their products in Michigan.  And speaking of local folks, how about Kroger Milk.  It now has its personal designation as Pure Michigan, it has it's own slick glossy commercial and local dairy farmers are the direct beneficiaries of Milk produced in Michigan by Michigan cows, milked right here on local soil.


The Milk can be found at all Kroger stores and 21 Kroger supermarkets have the Experience Michigan end-cap featuring Michigan made products.  But think about it.  If everybody demands that their local Kroger carry The Michigan Experience, lives change, neighbors stay put, children grow up and have a reason to stay in Michigan.


If you want to Buy Michigan, check out these Kroger stores:

Bay City, 945 Euclid Road

Brownstown Township, 20645 Gibraltar Road

Clinton Township,  41941 Garfield

Commerce Township, 2733 Union Lake Road

Dearborn, 15255 Michigan Avenue

Essexville, 2910 Center Avenue

Grand Blanc, 12731 Saginaw

Jackson, 1100 Argyle

Lansing, 6430 W. Saginaw Hwy

Macomb Township, 15251 23 Mile Road

Macomb Township, 21555 21 Mile Road

Macomb Township, 16450 26 Mile Road

Mt. Morris, 7188 N. Saginaw

New Baltimore, 35000 23 Mile Road

Oakland Township, 4888 Adams Road

Roseville, 26130 Gratiot

Roseville, 30851 Gratiot Road

Royal Oak, 30991 Woodward

Taylor, 7000 Monroe

Waterford, 5111 Highland Road

Westland, 36430 Ford Road


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