Car wheel thefts are new crime trend in Taylor

Woman reports wheels stolen from her new Ford Fusion at Taylor home

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TAYLOR, Mich. - Thieves in Taylor are stealing wheels from cars, especially Ford Fusion and Taurus models.

Jolene Brown was on vacation when a neighbor called her to report a problem with Brown's car. Brown returned home to find all four wheels had been stolen and the car she leased just one week ago was up on bricks.

"I couldn't believe it, I thought it was something out of a movie. This is something you see in the movies, where your car's on blocks," Brown said.

The theft meant Brown had to miss her college classes Monday morning.

Brown also said police told her this kind of crime has been happening a lot in Taylor.

"They said it has happened to ten other vehicles in the last week and they had actually gotten a call right before we had called to another car that was two miles up the road," Brown said.

The thieves have reportedly been targeting Ford Fusion and Taurus models.

Jolene Brown said police told her the thieves are professionals, who can remove all four wheels from the car in minutes.

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