Clawson police investigating inappropriate incident in high school pool

By Lauren Podell - Reporter

CLAWSON, Mich. - Clawson police and Clawson Public School District are investigating reports of inappropriate sexual behavior between students. Superintendent Monique Beels tells Local 4 the incident was reported Thursday.

"This is a case where there is more than one victim and every student involved in the improper activity and behavior has been suspended," Beels said.

According to police and school officials, three boys and three girls were in the high school pool during gym Thursday. The school took disciplinary action after one girl reported the boys were touching them inappropriately.

"There was some inappropriate touching from the boys on the girls in the front and the back," said Beels. "The teacher was busy with so many students and didn't see the incident and one of the female students reported what happened to her mom."

When the allegations were made the school took action, sending an email to all parents alerting them of the investigation.

"We take these allegations very seriously," said Beels. "These behaviors will not be tolerated, zero tolerance for anything such as this in our schools."

Some parents knew about this incident.

"When I saw the email, I asked my daughter about it," said Barbara Mudge, who has a daughter in 10th grade. "She didn't know anything about but did tell me she was surprised something like this happened."

Other parents like Sonjia Bassin had not yet received the email.

"I can't believe this," said Bassin. "It doesn't make me happy we trust our teachers to watch our kids and take care of them, but this boils down to parenting."

With the end of the year exams approaching, the message to parents was to keep their students focused, refrain from speculation, gossip and social media that would take away from academics.

All 3 boys are suspended and will remain suspended pending the investigation.

"Their education is in jeopardy," said Beels. "They could all face expulsion."



Dear Parents,

            As Principal, I want to keep you advised about situations unfolding at our school, both positive and potentially negative, that you may hear about from your students.  Today, the Clawson Police Department has been at our school, investigating allegations by some of our students that they have been subject to inappropriate and unwelcome touching of a sexual nature by other students.

            We take these allegations very seriously, as this kind of conduct is not only prohibited by law, but also by our Student Code of Conduct and Board Policy.  As a District, we will not tolerate this kind of conduct.  We are in the process of investigating these allegations, and fully cooperating with law enforcement.  We will provide due process and support to our students during the investigation, and when the investigation is completed, we will take appropriate corrective action.

            In the meantime, we are committed to ensuring that our students have a successful conclusion to the school year.  With exams right around the corner, and in an age of social media, we ask the support of all parents and students, to refrain from speculation, rumors and gossip that detract from the level of academic focus needed for a strong finish.  If you have any questions or concerns, please call my office at any time.


Ryan D. Sines, Ed.S

Clawson High School Principal

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