Cleveland story gives missing Michigan boys' mother new hope

Tanya Zuvers has not given up hope for finding Skelton brothers alive

By Hank Winchester - Reporter


The story of three missing girls being found alive in Cleveland is giving new hope to the mother of three missing boys from Morenci, Mich.

Alex Skelton, Andrew Skelton and Tanner Skelton went missing nearly three years ago. Their mother, Tanya Zuvers, is filled with optimism while she watches the news out of Cleveland. It is giving her a new sense of hope that her boys will be found alive.

"I feel that they're still out there alive and it just takes the right person seeing one of these stories for our happy ending to happen," Zuvers said.

Zuvers is working to meet with her ex-husband, John Skelton, in prison. She hopes Skelton will reveal what really happened to the boys.

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They vanished without a trace in November 2010 -- Thanksgiving weekend. Since the news broke out of Cleveland, people from across the country have reached out to Zuvers hoping she will have a similar end to her story.

"The Facebook page has reached 8,000 likes just in the last 24 hours," Zuvers said.

John Skelton told police he gave his children to someone he met to remove them from what he called an abusive situation. Investigators don't buy his story. However, Zuvers clings to the belief that her sons are alive.

She is closely watching the joyful reunions in Cleveland, hoping one day that it's her.

The police chief in Morenci says his department still receives tips regarding the Skelton brother. Credible tips are thoroughly investigated.

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