Community helps Wyandotte family who almost lost everything in fire

Single dad Chris Harris was at choir practice when he learned home was on fire, teen sons inside

By Jamie Edmonds - Reporter

WYANDOTTE, Mich. - It was a close call for two teenage brothers in Wyandotte over the weekend.

The brothers were both injured after a fire started in their home on Oak Street on Sunday morning.

Wyandotte firefighters had to rescue one of the brothers, who was trapped inside the home, from the second story window.

The teens both sustained minor injuries and suffered from smoke inhalation, but were not otherwise seriously hurt.

The Harris family home is all boarded up after the kitchen fire destroyed the home. Now, the community is stepping up to help out the family who almost lost everything.

"Well we have choir practice at 8:30 every Sunday morning and the police came up into the choir loft asking for Chris Harris and announcing that his house was on fire," said family friend Marilyn Rodak.

That's how single father Chris Harris learned his home was on fire. The first thoughts of the choir members was to pray and the second thought was how to help him.

"The church had passed a collection basket around and got $1,300 right off the bat," said Rodak who also took the family of four in for the night. "We were able to accommodate all of them, although not perfectly," she said.

Parish maintenance man Gary Miller says he got a call from the pastor inquiring about the parish rectory at St. Elizabeth for the family.

"Father Mike called me around 8:45 p.m Sunday," said Miller. The residence was vacant, furnish and perfect for the family in need.

"But, that's what we are all about. So we did, we reacted and then when we found out they were saved we did say thank you to, you know, to God for helping the family, " said parish member Allce Ugljesa.

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