Controversy erupts over planned Islamic center in West Bloomfield Township

Hundreds pour into West Bloomfield Township Planning Commission meeting to hear plan, voice opposition

By Mara MacDonald - Reporter


More than 200 people descended on West Bloomfield Township Hall Tuesday night to hear plans for an Islamic cultural center.

The plan is to build the religious center on the site of the old Eagle Elementary School at 14 Mile and Middlebelt roads. Everything about the plan has become controversy.

The school, which is in West Bloomfield Township, was owned by the Farmington Hills School District. There is pending litigation over how the school was sold to a Muslim organization.

Now, what is planned to be a mosque and banquet center with room for educational classes lands right in the lap of the West Bloomfield Township Planning Commission.

Easily 200 people showed up at Tuesday's meeting to hear the latest on the plan and to voice their opposition.

Meanwhile, the group behind the Islamic cultural center has presented detailed plans top improve the current site. They also are volunteering not to broadcast the call to prayer.

Getting the Planning Commission's recommendation on the proposed mosque is just the first step. The Township Board will vote on final plans.

-- Eagle Elementary School

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