Crooks steal prom savings from pizza delivery driver

18-year-old victim was working hard to save for prom before 3 men robbed him in Pontiac

PONTIAC, Mich. -

An 18-year-old pizza delivery driver was working hard to save money for something special before he was robbed on the job in Pontiac.

The man had just started working for Happy's Pizza and was trying to earn money to take his girlfriend to the prom.

The victim, a Waterford High School senior, didn't want to be identified. He told Local 4 he was robbed by three men after delivering a pizza to the 200th block of South Marshall Street.

"They put a gun to my back, dug their hands in my pockets and took everything, my wallet, my phone, I want to say over $200 in cash," said the victim. "I knew not to fight; I just wanted to get out of there as soon as I could."

The victim was able to walk away unharmed, but the paycheck he just cashed to save for prom was gone.

"I really hope they get caught soon what they are doing is completely out of hand," he said.

The young worker suspects he was set up. He says it appeared that the men, who were sitting on a neighboring porch, were waiting for him.

Now he wants to warn other delivery drivers.

"Just have a small sign on top of your car, make sure it's not like a huge one that people can see because it's just a big target," he said.

The victim is still delivering pizza for Happy's, but he is no longer working at the Pontiac store location. As for prom, "we'll get him there. It's prom, everybody's got to go to prom," said the victim's mother.

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