Dearborn hotel evacuated after suspicious package found in restroom

Suspicious package found in women's restroom

DEARBORN - Hotel guests and attendees of a banquet were evacuated from Dearborn's Adoba Hotel on Town Center Drive Sunday night after a suspicious package was found in a bathroom in the hotel.

Dearborn police tell Local 4 the suspicious package was a pressure cooker. It was detonated as a precaution, and did not contain any explosives.

Investigators now focus on who would have placed a pressure cooker in a public bathroom.

Sources tell Local 4 the cooker did not belong to the hotel.

It was a pressure cooker bomb that exploded at the Boston Marathon.

About 1 a.m., guests were allowed to return to their rooms.

The hotel provided them blankets and water as they waited for word on when they could return. 

"It was really terrifying because there were people up there and we were all really worried about the people still in the hotel," said Zara Hussein.

A banquet for the University of Muslim Association of America also had to be canceled and those guest also had to leave the hotel.

"I saw the police in my room saying, 'Move, move, move,'" said Nassar Ali.

Last year, the Adoba Hotel chain took over the hotel, which had been a Hyatt Regency property for many years.

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