Detroit Ambassador Bridge owner spends millions trying to stop new bridge to Canada

Detroit International Bridge Company owner, Matty Moroun, has spent millions in effort to stop Michigan governor's new bridge to Canada

By Rod Meloni - Reporter, CFP ®


Chances are you have seen the black and red TV commercials repeatedly warning against Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder's new international bridge to Canada.

During the past two years, Detroit International Bridge Company owner Matty Moroun has spent millions of dollars to do what he can to prevent that bridge from being built.

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The Michigan Campaign Finance Network waded through documents in Lansing and put out a breakdown of Moroun's spending.

Last year, the DIBC spent $6 million to prevent a legislative vote on a new bridge and, in fact, succeeded to that end.

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However, when Snyder did an end-around the legislative and didn't ask for Michigan money and instead signed a deal with the Canadian government for it to pick up $500 million in costs, he allowed Michigan to qualify for federal matching funds.

Between Memorial Day and now, Moroun spent another $3.4 million campaigning against the new bridge. He also ran ads under the group The People Should Decide, spending about $60,000.

Michiganders also saw a commercial supporting the bridge. It was thought the Michigan Building and Construction Trades Council backed that commercial though the documents trace back to a Lansing law office. That campaign spent just more than $250,000.

Research shows Moroun has spent about $9 million all together on the effort. He is planning to spend more.

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