Dog, friend tag-team to catch burglar in Hazel Park

Pit bull corners suspect, homeowner keeps him at bay until police arrive

By Shawn Ley - Reporter

HAZEL PARK, Mich. - When Al Mansoor got sick of thefts and break-ins in his Hazel Park neighborhood, he asked to borrow his friend's dog - an 8-year-old pit bull named Tank.

Little did Mansoor know, Tank would turn right around into a tail-wagging crime fighter.

Monday night, Mansoor was returning home with Tank when he noticed his side garage door was open.

"When I brought the dog here, actually the intruder was already in the house," Mansoor said.

So, he sent Tank in to check it out.

"My fear was for my wife," Mansoor said.

Tank cornered 34-year-old David Parsons, a career criminal and parole absconder.

Then, in a classic tag-team fashion, Mansoor got Tank out, not wanting the dog to bite Parsons, and he took over.

"The guy actually jumped me. I threw the guy down on the ground, he hit his face on the ground," Mansoor said.

Parsons was arrested and the family is safe.

Tank is getting a lot of well-deserved love.

"I gave him a big kiss. I called his owner and I told his owner about him and his wife came over and he had the biggest bone ever," Mansoor said.

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