Dogs stolen from Redford Township neighbors

Neighbors looking for dogs stolen from in front of their homes

REDFORD TOWNSHIP, Mich. - Kara Chisholm is looking for her lost dog after a strange incident in her Redford Township neighborhood.

She and her neighbor, Natoya Buxton, say someone driving a green minivan snatched both of their dogs.

"She saw them grab the dogs, both of them," said Chisholm.

Local 4 couldn't find the neighbor who saw the incident. Buxton says she was told one person was driving the minivan and another got out to scoop up the dogs.

"I don't know how he got out into the street. Apparently there is a gap under our fence," she said.

Both dogs are Shih Tzu mixes. One is named Marshal, the other is Samson.

"He's a very kind-hearted dog. He wouldn't hurt a fly. I just really want him back because we miss him," said Chisholm.

Each dog owner has filed a police report. Chisholm is posting fliers and checking local shelters. Neither dog was wearing a tag. The owners say that's because they both recently had been given baths.

Tags would be a big help if the dogs turn up somewhere. The owners have been looking for three days without luck.

"I just hope that the person who has the dogs, just please, please bring them back," said Buxton.

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