Donald Trump: Detroit is on right path

Donald Trump speaks at Oakland County Republicans dinner, is optimistic about Detroit

By Mara MacDonald - Reporter

NOVI, Mich. - Donald Trump was the featured speaker Tuesday night in front of thousands of Oakland County Republicans.

More than 2,300 people showed up for the Lincoln Day Dinner where they got a chance to see and hear Trump. He brought a bigger crowd to the dinner than it had ever seen before, and he wasn't shy about sharing his opinions.

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While he riffed on everything from immigration to beating Hillary Clinton in 2016, he also answered questions about his thoughts on Detroit and whether he would invest here.

"Detroit is a place that I would go. I really think Detroit, I think you're on the right path in Detroit. Lots of good things are happening," he said.

Trump is aware of the emergency manager situation in the city. He doesn't see it as a negative but instead a chance -- one that had better be used wisely.

"That next step is going to be critical for Detroit. If they miss the step it's going to be back to the same old. So, whatever it takes to get it to the next step is what I would support," he said.

Trump thought about investing in the old Uniroyal site about 15 years ago. He took a pass then.

"When I turned Detroit down 15-16 years ago, they were going in the wrong direction. I think Detroit has got momentum upward now," Trump said.

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