Ex-officer's lawsuit claims Novi police use ticket quotas for revenue

Former police officer's lawsuit accuses Novi Police Department of wrongful discharge after he spoke out about alleged ticket quotas

By Sandra Ali - Anchor/Reporter

NOVI, Mich. -

The Novi police officer who filed this lawsuit had been on the force for more than 25 years until Monday when he took an early retirement.

"I'm disappointed. I always held this profession to a very high standard. This whole thing, for the first time I can say I'm embarrassed to be a Novi policeman," said former Novi police officer Michael Corbett.

Corbett says he was required to make at least four traffic stops and write a minimum two tickets for each shift he worked at the Novi Police Department.

Novi police are accused of pulling over drivers who weren't necessarily breaking the law so the department could generate more money.

Corbett spoke up, saying he felt the quotas were dishonest. He says he was harassed, denied a promotion and later forced out of the Novi Police Department all together.

"For the most part they just belittled me and they excluded me from promotion or any type of special event, anything they could do to make me feel somewhat worthless there," he said.

Corbett's attorney, Deborah Gordon, pointed out ticket quotas are illegal in Michigan. She said her client was a model officer with a spotless record. She is suing the city of Novi and the Novi Police Department for wrongful discharge.

"They've decided to use ticket writing as a revenue collection service, so they have put increasing their own departmental revenue above the concept of good law enforcement," Gordon said.

In a statement released to Local 4, Novi Police Assistant Chief Jerrod Hart said "the allegations which were made, we were made aware of by local media."

"They are not consistent with our practices," Hart's statement reads. "Nor professionalism of the Novi Police Department."

Former officer Corbett is seeking an unspecified amount in damages.

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