Family involved in 2 crashes on Southfield Freeway

More than 30 vehicles involved in crash

ALLEN PARK, Mich. - Christopher and Tracie Hoepfner said they were driving on the Southfield Freeway headed to a friend's house Saturday afternoon.

Mom and 3-year-old son Tristan were in the car together and dad was behind them in a separate car. Then it happened.

"I seen her spin out and hit a car," said Christopher.

White out conditions mixed with an extremely slick road sent Tracie's car slipping and sliding.

"I started applying my foot to the brake and it locked up. I couldn't stop for the life of me," Tracie said.

At the same time, another car rear-ended dad.

Christopher's car took a spin. At this point, he's doing his best not to slam into his own family.

"As hard as she hit, I thought the worst."

More than 30 cars crashed into each other on Southfield freeway near Oakwood due to white out conditions. Both of the family's cars were totaled.

Fortunately, the family was not seriously injured.

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