FBI foils siblings' plot to kill Berkley deputy police chief

Sisters face charges after allegedly plotting to have Deputy Chief Bob North killed over liquor license approval

By Mara MacDonald - Reporter

BERKLEY, Mich. -

The FBI has charged a pair of Oakland County sisters in a case that allegedly started with a plot to murder Deputy Berkley Police Chief Bob North.

According to the federal criminal complaint against Angela and Faye Kamposh, the two have been charged with bribery and possession with intent to sell drugs.

A confidential informant told the FBI Angela Kamposh was conspiring with her brother Louie, currently in prison for making and selling cocaine and prescription drugs, to kill North because he wouldn't sign off on giving the family a liquor license to operate a liquor store in Berkley.

According to court records, the confidential informant said it then turned into a plan to bribe North to get his cooperation. The FBI tipped him off and he agreed to pose as a dirty to cop to help them with the case.

North met up with Angela Kamposh who detailed plans to sell both cocaine and prescription pills from their new store and offered North a cut if he'd help them out. North made recordings of the interaction and the FBI moved in and busted the sisters, finding 2,000 illegal prescription pills in one of their homes.

When I went to the family's home on Scotia in Oak Park to ask them about the case I was intercepted by a man hurling obscenities and threatening me. He claimed to be their father.

An unidentified woman came to the door and told us there would be no comment. They are currently represented by well-known criminal defense attorney David Griem.

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