Ferndale woman finds mysterious photos in picture frame, hopes someone can claim them

Ferndale woman hopes to return mysterious photos to rightful owners


Erika Clemmons bought a picture frame with a surprise.

Hidden inside the frame were several mysterious photos. The photos have names on the back such as "Baby Caleb" and "Grandma Marge." They are dated 2001.

"Goodwill store in Auburn Hills, and picked up this picture frame," Clemmons said.

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Clemmons began to wonder about the people in the photos. The small child must be in 4th or 5th grade by now and who knows about grandma.

"They are pictures of someone's baby as well as someone's grandparents, and I know I would want my pictures back if they were out there," Clemmons said.

She figures whoever left the photos behind may not care, but if they do it would be a nice gift to get them back.

Take a closer look at these photos. See if you recognize anyone.

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