Gas prices continue to soar in Metro Detroit, across Michigan

Experts blame rise in prices on unknown refinery issues

DETROIT - Metro Detroiters are getting quite the shock at the gas pump over the weekend. Some gas prices have been spotted at $4.25 per gallon.

Prices soared Saturday, and are holding steady above $4.00 per gallon of regular fuel.  According to AAA, the current average price in Michigan is $4.061 per gallon of regular fuel.  In Detroit, the average price is $4.031 per gallon.  One week ago, the average price was $3.870.

Experts are blaming the sudden jump in prices on unknown refinery issues somewhere in the Great Lakes region.  Only states within the Great Lakes region appear to be affected by the issue, including Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Ohio and Michigan.

It's unclear how long prices will remain above $4.00 per gallon. 

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