Genesee County parents charged with molesting 6-month-old daughter

Investigation brings new leads, possible new child victims

MT MORRIS, Mich. - Sources in Genesee County tell Local 4 that parents of young kids are being interviewed based on new leads that could find more victims of child molestation and child porn.

Daniel Hall, 25, and his 26-year-old wife Alisha are both charged with criminal sexual conduct.

Sources say more than a thousand photos have been found on their computer showing several sex acts between Daniel and his own 6-month-old baby girl. The pictures were allegedly taken by his wife.  Sources say she has confessed and told police she was afraid to come forward.

Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton says computer experts are analyzing every picture looking for more leads around the state, metro Detroit and possibly around the world. 

The investigation started with an anonymous tip to police who them contacted Daniel over the internet and offering a "fictional" daughter who would pose nude.  Daniel allegedly wrote back "he would send back two pictures for every one that was sent to him, that his wife is into whips, chains, handcuffs, and leather bondage and that he is especially fond of kids, he likes doing things with little kids."

Custody of the baby has been moved to a foster home from the grandmother who owns the home in Mount Morris where the parents lived.

"Its disgusting. We've lived here a long time" says the next door neighbor who has two young kids.  "Was he watching, was he taking pictures" she wonders.

Alisha L. Hall's FaceBook page has pictures of her baby daughter. People are posting messages of sympathy: "God bless the baby girl"  "Hope she gets a safe family"

A picture of her when pregnant last year has new postings including: "sick people I swear".

And a picture of the couple in church has a new posting: "I will pray they arrive safely in hell."

Dan and Alisha Hall are in the Genesee County Jail and their next court date is set for Valentine's Day.


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