Gov. Snyder gives year-end report on Michigan

Gov. Snyder: 'We got a lot done this last year, I'm fired up for another year'

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LANSING, Mich. - Governor Rick Snyder gave a brief year-end report on the state of Michigan.

The report came on Friday.

He says his administration achieved many accomplishments in 2012, especially a deal on a new bridge to Canada and repealing a tax on equipment paid by businesses.

Snyder says Detroit is in crisis and "the crisis is getting worse every day." He says he'll wait for a report by a review team before deciding whether to appoint an emergency manager.

The governor says some type of "action will be taken."

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Snyder said over the last year the state has paid down $20 billion in liabilities off of the balance sheet.

A number of resources also went to tear down blight in the state.

Snyder says his office worked on "bureaucracy busters" to get the work force more engaged on the state level.

He said he didn't have the right-to-work law on that list. But he later said companies interested in Michigan already have been calling. The law gives workers a choice whether to financially support a union.

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He said, 17 percent of the work force participated in an online idea pool. More than 1000 ideas were submitted with more than 100,000 votes.

Snyder says the top three ideas will be implemented in the state.

He talked about progress in education.

"We started the teacher evaluation pilot in terms of working through that, duel enrollment we did legislation on, performance metrics for schools and the EEA got launched in 15 schools in Detroit," said Snyder.

The "Pure Michigan" continues to be a big success in the state, he said.

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"We got a lot done this last year," he said. "I'm fired up for another year."

Snyder says he's is still looking at legislation that puts more regulations on abortion clinics.

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