Governor Snyder's road plan faces road block

Michigan Senate tables governor's plan to increase gas tax, vehicle registration fee to raise money for roads

By Mara MacDonald - Reporter

LANSING, Mich. - With a higher gas tax and increase in vehicle registration fees, Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder is proposing to raise $1.2 billion to fix the state's crumbling roads. However, the plan is on a fast track to nowhere.

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The Michigan Senate is tabling the governor's plan. The Senate has publicly come out and showed what has, up until this point, been private displeasure with the plan. The Senate now will tackle the issue and try to come up with a fix of its own.

The minute Snyder proposed the gas tax and, in some cases, an up to 60 percent increase in vehicle registration fees, Republicans and Democrats in the Michigan Legislature balked. Political strategists called it career suicide for anyone who voted for such an increase.

Now, Snyder's plan is in permanent limbo in the Michigan Senate.

"The governor, the speaker and I meet regularly and transportation funding has been a topic of discussion and will continue to be a topic of discussion, though I can say I do not support the gas tax and registration fee increase proposal in its current form," Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville said.

Earlier this week an ad leaked which foreshadowed the nastiness to come if the Snyder plan gained traction in the Legislature.

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