Grandmother shoots, kills grandson at West Bloomfield home

Jonathon Hoffman, 17, had been living with his grandparents for the past six months to finish high school

WEST BLOOMFIELD, Mich. - Police in West Bloomfield said a 74-year-old woman shot and killed her 17-year-old grandson Friday at her home.

Jonathon Hoffman, 17, had been living with his grandmother and 86-year-old grandfather for the past six months to finish high school.

According to police, Jon and his grandmother were the only ones home and got into an argument late yesterday. The grandmother shot Jon several times with a handgun, which was recovered at the home.

Jon called 911 Friday to report he had been shot. He was pronounced dead at a local hospital around 6:00 p.m.

The grandfather was not home at the time of the shooting, but because police are still gathering evidence there, he has to stay out until they are done.

His grandmother was then taken to the hospital for observation, checked out and then taken into police custody. She is on medication for diabetes and a thyroid problem.

The home is in a gated community near Maple and Halsted roads. Jamie Rogers has lived next door to him since they were kids.

"My sister called me and said 'Did you check Facebook?' Shocked, real shocked," said Rogers when he heard the news.

"He was a fun guy," said Rogers. "We played basketball. We played PlayStation."

The grandmother's defense attorney, Jerome Sabbota, spent two hours with her at police headquarters to learn more about the family. He said she is not speaking to police.

Jon was a senior at Central Farmington High School, an alternative school. Police were called to the home in March for a domestic dispute.

"The grandson had many issues," said Sabbota. "I think that will come up."

The police chief at West Bloomfield Police Headquarters says they could present this case to the prosecutor as early as Sunday morning.

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