Gun sales booming in Metro Detroit

Michigan gun sales on rise as country sees boom in gun industry

By Mara MacDonald - Reporter

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. - Gun sales are through the roof across the country, not just in Michigan.

In Metro Detroit, so is range time. People interested in firearms are out in force. From the range to the display case, gun stores across the area, and country, are jammed.

"It's been off the charts for the last month," said Bill Kucyk, owner of Action Impact gun range in Southfield.

The Southfield gun range is an accredited five-star shooting facility and dealer. The range has access to everything, even when other stores have limited supply. However, now even Action Impact is feeling the squeeze of the gun sales surge.

"I think the inventory in the country has been sold," said Kucyk.

Every day brings buyers into the store.

"I'm getting gun enthusiasts. I'm getting gun collectors. I get people who want their first purchase, novices, beginners. I am doing classes five days a week for the concealed pistol license. I am doing about 200 students a week," said.

What's left of Action Impact's less than $700 range of pistols is just the display, no other inventory. Inventory also is scarce in the $1,200 pistol range. Ammunition? Yeah, that's going quickly, too.

"Ammunition is in short supply, particularly .9 mm ammunition," said Kucyk.

Next week, Washington is supposed to come up with some sort of plan of action on proposed gun control.

Kucyk, who spent years as a police officer and SWAT commander, believes all the gun talk is only political theater.

"At the end of the day, nothing's gonna change. I don't think we're going to be any safer. In fact, I'll tell you this, from the hysteria that has been created in the last month, I firmly believe there is more firearms in your community now than there will be in the next three years," said.

The FBI reports they processed more gun requests or background checks in the month of December than they have in the history of the bureau.

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