Hail storm causes widespread damage

Hundreds of cars, dozens of home damaged

A brief but powerful hail storm shattered windows and caused extensive damage in parts of Southeast Michigan Sunday afternoon.
In New Boston, storm victims were hit with hail the size of golf balls.
"We were in the house and all of a sudden it started hailing," said Betty Wolf. Her home looks like it sustained gunfire. She said the siding is ruined and four of her windows were broken. "You can see along the side of my house. It looks like somebody was taking a gun or something and shooting, but it was all hail. I've never had nothing like that before."
Hundreds of cars were damaged in the storm, including Autry Lincoln's vehicle. "The hood, the fog lights and part of the grill were all banged up by the hail," Lincoln said.
After about 15 minutes the storm moved on leaving behind lots of damage.
"One window is broken, but a bunch of screens are ruined," said Jeremy Fabry, a homeowner in New Boston. "The siding on the house got a bunch of holds in it. All the roof vents were beat up real bad. My cars got pretty trashed, too." There were also reports of extensive damage in Huron Township.
Despite the widespread damage there were no serious injuries.

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