Harrison Township man arrested for chasing neighbor with hatchet

Witnesses told police suspect was mad someone had broken his windshield

HARRISON TWP., Mich. - Macomb Sheriff Deputies arrested a 27 year-old Harrison Township man early Tuesday morning after he chased a neighbor around with a hatchet. 

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According to the victim, he arrived home from work and he was confronted by his neighbor who was clearly intoxicated and wielding a hatchet.  He said that the man chased him with the hatchet raised over his head.  The two men jumped into two separate cars and a short automobile chase ensued. They returned to their homes on Hickler Lane when deputies were called.

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According to an independent witness, the intoxicated man was drinking at a nearby bar and he said someone had thrown a rock through his windshield.  As he was describing the windshield damage to his girlfriend, the neighbor pulled up and the intoxicated man concluded that he was the person who had damaged his vehicle.  He grabbed the hatchet and began to chase the driver.

Deputies spoke to the victim, a 36 year-old Port Huron Township man who stated that he has no idea how the car was damaged and he had no idea why he was being chased.

Sheriff deputies placed the man under arrest and he was lodged in the Macomb County Jail for Felonious Assault. Nobody was hurt.

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