Highland Park police chief resigns

Mayor says it is complete surprise to see police chief resign

Highland Park - The Highland Park Police chief turned in his badge on Wednesday.

The chief, Lorenzo Veal II, resigned.

According to city officials, Veal did not give a reason for the resignation.

Mayor Deondre Wyndram said the move "came as a complete surprise" and that the resignation takes effect immediately.

"This was real shocking today," Wyndram said. "I didn't expect it. No one expected it here at City Hall. We just saw the chief up here yesterday, so it was a little shocking."

Veal had been on the job for about two years. Why the sudden departure? Veal didn't offer any explanation and he gave no excuse. Anyone seeking an answer won't get very far.

"I made a phone call to him and the people from the administration made a call to him today but we haven't been successful at getting in touch with the chief," the mayor said.

For now, speculation will swirl.

The Highland Park Police Department is comprised of 47 police officers. The deputy chief recently was laid off due to budget cuts. That leaves no one in charge. No word yet on who will replace Veal.

"We know that we have a police force and the police force is still out," Wyndram said. "It may be a minor setback to the chief's position but we still will move forward."

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