Highland Park shuts own plant, using Detroit water

Highland Park residents will use Detroit water while city works to fix own water system

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HIGHLAND PARK, Mich. - Highland Park Mayor DeAndre Windom has discontinued operations at the impoverished Detroit enclave's water system, citing maintenance issues and other problems.

Windom says the Detroit water department will provide water directly to Highland Park residents for now.

"I made the decision to engage in a temporary arrangement with the Detroit water and sewage plant and confirm that in no way do these problems threaten Highland Park's water quality today," the mayor said.

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Detroit's water system serves about 4 million people across southeastern Michigan.

The work needed to return Highland Park's water system to service include removing debris and algae in the raw water reservoir, implementing an algae growth-control strategy, and installing high- and low-water level alarms on the finished water reservoir.

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