Howell man missing from job in Novi, no sign of him months later

Wife of missing Howell man shares her story in hopes her husband will be found

The wife of a Howell man who went missing more than four months ago wonders every day what happened to her husband.

Patrick Keough was last seen leaving his workplace June 14 in Novi.

His wife Lisa said he had been going on walks during his lunch breaks, but on the 14th, he did not return to work. He worked for an insurance company in the area of Cabet Drive and 12 Mile Road in Novi.

Novi Police said Patrick Keough walked away from work around lunchtime, but left all of his personal belongings behind.

"I miss just him being here, everything about him being here, I miss," said Lisa Keough. "He was my teammate."

Lisa Keough said she had a bad feeling the morning her husband Patrick disappeared.

View/print: Missing person flyer for Patrick Keough

"I talked to him a few times in the morning and he had gotten a ride with a coworker. And I tried calling him quite a few times. It was odd for him not to answer or call me back," said Keough.

Keough was called by police who alerted her to her husband's disappearance.

Novi Police tell Local 4 they are pursuing every avenue in this case including whether Patrick Keough decided to step away from his life or that he might have passed away. Investigators do not suspect foul play.

Using a helicopter and K9s, officers have searched the area around Patrick's work where he liked to go for walks with no success. They have also checked hospitals, morgues and border crossings and have found no sign of Keough.

It bothers Lisa Keough what her husband left behind.

"Especially the iPod, probably more than the wallet because he wasn't one to carry his wallet with him all the time but his iPod he did," said Keough.

Keough is taking it day by day and remains unsure of what happened to her husband.

"Every day, every night, every car ride I drive 45 minutes to work to an hour every day to work and that whole ride is thinking where he's at if he is OK," said Keough.

Keough said Patrick had been battling with depression for quite a while. She said both of his parents had died and he had gone through a lot and that they had gone through a lot over the past few years with her father passing on as well.

Patrick Keough had started seeing a new doctor and had recently changed medications that were having some powerful side effects including difficulty with his coordination and his speech. She said it was difficult on him because he enjoyed playing baseball with his children and he couldn't throw a baseball.

Lisa and Patrick Keough have four children together. Lisa Keough said Patrick's disappearance is difficult on her children, and they are confused about what happened.

"I have told them what I know and when they ask questions i try to answer them the best I can," said Keough. "When it all happened, I told them what I knew then. 'Daddy went for a walk we don't know where he is, we are hoping he will come home soon.'"

Keough is overwhelmed with the support of her community. Before Patrick went missing she was already working two jobs and appreciates all the help.

"I would have never even have thought about all the people that came out," said Keough through tears.

Keough hopes someone recognizes Patrick and will come forward. She wants closure for her children, herself and her community about the whereabouts of her husband Patrick.

"This is his home and we would like like for him to come home," said Keough.

Anyone with information on Patrick Keough's whereabouts should call the Novi Police Department.

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