Huntington Woods boy deals with teasing to grow his hair out for sick children

Hugo Brodsky final gets a hair cut after growing his hair for two years to help Children With Hair Loss


A Huntington Woods boy said being teased, taunted, even mistaken for a girl was worth it to donate his hair to sick children.

Hugo Brodsky, 7, started growing out his hair two years ago and it got so long some thought he was a girl.

"We've had problems where we go in public and people just assume he's a girl because he's young and his hair is long, they're not used to that," said his mother Sheri Lee.

Brodsky said, at first he just wanted long hair, but was then inspired by his mom to donate his long locks to sick children.

"I've donated my hair twice, so I told him about that and he liked the idea and after he was already growing it out he decided to keep going with it," said Lee.

After months and months of growing it out, Brodsky was ready to cut his hair at the end of the summer. He went to the Berkley Chop Shop to get his hair cut. They sectioned his hair into pony tails so they could collect as much hair as possible to donate.

Brodsky decided to go from one extreme to another and had his head shaved.

"I feel the air," said Hugo Brodsky as his long locks were cut off. He told Local 4 he would grow his hair out again.

When Hugo's hair started to get longer, people started talking, even family members told Lee to get her son a haircut, but once family members learned of Hugo's cause they were supportive.

Unfortunately, not everyone was supportive as he grew his hair out.

"Some of my classmates made fun of my hair, and I just try and tell them to stop but they don't," said Hugo.

"I feel frustrated that kids would do that to him, but I feel really proud of him as a mom, that he is able to stand up to that and will continue to grow it and do something good," said Lee.

Local 4 went to downtown Royal Oak with Hugo and his mother in the spring to see how people react and whether they actually do confuse him for a girl. Hugo was mistaken for a girl, even at a store where they are customers.

"No, looks like a girl. Well, kids at that age are all cute," John McEntee.

Lee said she is a proud her son dealt with the teasing.

"I'm just thrilled that he put up with all of that and continued doing this for the good cause," said Lee. "I hope that it will encourage other girls and boys to donate their hair."

Brodsky donated his hair to Children With Hair Loss, a Michigan nonprofit that provides wigs to children who have lost their hair for medical reasons.

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