Huntington Woods public safety deal with spike in break-ins

Police investigate day time burglaries

By Shawn Ley - Reporter

HUNTINGTON WOODS, Mich. - Neighbors in Huntington Woods are having to deal with a sudden summer spike in crime. The director of public safety says the entire community may see four break-ins a year. This past week and a a half at least three homes have been burglarized.

The burglaries are happening during the day.

One man was arrested when a neighbor saw him walking down Ludlow Avenue rolling a roller suitcase.

Police stopped the man and found the suitcase packed with stolen goods. Police found the window of a nearby home had been forced open.

That suspect is being held on a $250,000 bond while investigators check to see if he's linked to any other recent crimes in the area.

Another neighbor woke up recently to find both of her cars had been stolen out of her driveway overnight. The car thieves have not been caught.

Other neighbors are reporting thefts from cars, items taken off porches and bikes being stolen.

Longtime residents say that they don't consider the recent crimes a "spike" in crime.

They believe Huntington Woods sees some break-ins and thefts just like any other community. 

People here that belong to clubs and email lists share the information about the crimes, but other neighbors are using a faster way to share the information.  Many are using a smart phone app called "NextDoor" to post information about break-ins and thefts. 

Those neighbors say they appreciate sharing the information in a faster manner.

Other neighbors are calling for a town hall meeting to deal with the recent crimes in Huntington Woods.