Jennifer Granholm to join Obama administration?

Former Michigan governor likely to take position with Obama administration, political strategists say

By Hank Winchester - Reporter

DETROIT - On stage at the Democratic National Convention, on her Current TV show and quietly behind the scenes, former Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm has done her part to help President Obama's administration.

The question now: is this her moment?

Insiders say the President will make Granholm a member of his administration. The rumor has been floated around before but now several political strategists say this time it is likely to happen.

"This is different. It's a second term. (Granholm) had that wild speech at the convention. She has done a lot of things to position herself," said John Truscott, a former spokesman and public relations executive for former Michigan governor John Engler.

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If Granholm is tapped for a position, what will her role in Washington be? There is talk of everything from attorney general to energy secretary.

"I think energy secretary is something that most people would say is a much more natural set," said Truscott.

Granholm's TV gig with Current will end in February. She posted a statement on her Facebook page once it was revealed that Current was being taken over by Al-Jazeera.

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"We'll continue to broadcast The War Room for the next few weeks through the transition, but after that I'll be going back to teaching, speaking and other things," her statement reads in part. "Thanks to all of you who have been watching, and especially thanks to those who helped achieve a key goal: helping to re-elect the president!"

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