Kids beg council to fix local Macomb County roads

NEW BALTIMORE, Mich. - We all know dodging potholes with your car is a serious problem, but trying to avoid them on bikes and scooters is even worse-at least that's what some local kids are saying, and they're fed up with it.

The neighborhood on Brook Court in Macomb County has been a ghost town with not a single ice cream truck seen down this road in almost two years. Just about everyone has noticed how bad the roads have gotten.

But thanks to one northern Macomb County boy, their City Hall has a new challenge. The fourth-grader took on city officials over potholes and demand the roads get fixed.

Using what he's learned in his fourth-grade government class, 10-year-old Stephen has done his homework and accumulated the help from many neighborhood kids who left their signatures to stand behind him.

"The people control the government, and the government keeps us safe, healthy and organized," said Stephen.

He wrote a letter to the mayor of New Baltimore and state representatives that reads, "We, the kids of Brook Court, think the roads need to be fixed."   

Parents are supportive and are taking it one step further by asking the government to start devising a plan to fix the roads, even if they don't have the money to fix them right now.

However, both parents and kids remain hopeful that city officials have read the letter and are considering ways to put their request into action.

Thanks to this boy, the residents on Brook Court may be one step closer to getting smoother roads to drive, ride and play on, and most importantly, easier roads for chasing down the ice cream truck.

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