Macomb County neighborhoods left flooded by storm, rain

Residents in Harrison Township, Clinton Township left battling flood waters

By Shawn Ley - Reporter


Before daybreak, Randy Falconello was checking out the damage to his car.

A powerful thunderstorm along with heavy rain had awoken him. He found his car sitting in 2 feet of water.

"It just kept coming from back where the main road is, the freeway, the reservoir that comes from I-94 just kept flowing in," he said.

Falconello lives in the Willow Pointe mobile home community which sits just off of Interstate 94 east of Gratiot Avenue in Harrison Township. Storm water filled the streets and people had to get creative to stay dry as they tried to get to work.

Watch: Harrison Township neighborhood battling repeat floods

Some, such as one little girl and her father, had fun playing in the water. Others were frustrated and worried that one more thunderstorm could mean water coming into their homes.

"We may be in trouble, because if it rains again today we're probably looking at some pretty bad flooding especially in the back of the trailer park," said Debora Cote, who is dealing with the flood water.

In nearby Clinton Township, all the heavy rain flooded the parking lot of an apartment complex off of 19 Mile Road. That meant a messy morning for people who had to bail water out of their cars before leaving for work.

The water reached the apartment doors. It never before has been seen this high in this area.

"At 4 o'clock in the morning I tried to come down and it was all flooded all the way up to my doorstep," said Lori Cangemi, of Clinton Township.

Those who dealt with the flooding water Wednesday morning are keeping a close eye on the sky Wednesday night. They say they can't take another drop of water.

-- Flooding in Clinton Township

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