Marijuana to be legal in Grosse Pointe Park?

Voters could soon decide if pot has place in Wayne County community

GROSSE POINTE PARK, Mich. - Supporters of marijuana decriminalization are looking to the Detroit suburb of Grosse Pointe Park as a possible tipping point in the debate over the drug in Michigan.

Safer Michigan Coalition, a Detroit-based nonprofit coordinating petition drives around Michigan, collected hundreds of signatures in Grosse Pointe Park to get a proposal on the November ballot. As many as 18 other Michigan communities could see votes this year.

The ballot question would amend the city's charter, lifting the ban on marijuana, medical or otherwise.

City Councilwoman Laurie Arora says: "It's unfortunate that our community has been targeted as a test case."

Ferndale, Jackson and Lansing voters approved proposals last year.

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