Michigan State Police: Woman was driving with knees while texting

Belleville woman cited for speeding, texting while driving

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DETROIT - A Belleville woman was pulled over and cited after a Michigan State Police trooper said he spotted her driving with her knees because she was texting with her hands.

Michigan State Police said a motorcycle trooper saw a 28-year-old woman speeding on the ramp from I-96 to I-696. The trooper said she was driving with her knees and using both hands to text on her cell phone.

The trooper pulled the Belleville woman over and cited her for speeding and texting while driving. She was traveling at about 82 miles an hour.

Drivers face a $100 fine for a first offense of texting while driving and a $200 fine for a second offense.

Michigan State Police said distracted driving is still a big problem on freeways across metro Detroit.

Troopers also said driving too close and speeding also cause many of the accidents on freeways and trunk lines.

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