Michigan's emergency manager funding uncertain in Legislature

Gov. Snyder request more funds, Legislature balk

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LANSING, Mich. - The Michigan office helping cities and school districts placed under state financial control has been given $20 million since its creation a year ago.

Now some members of the Republican-controlled Legislature are balking at GOP Gov. Rick Snyder's request for about $10 million more.

A House-passed bill includes about half the amount that Snyder requested. The Senate has agreed to Snyder's request, so differences will be hashed out this month in the Legislature.

Snyder's administration says the state needs adequate funding not only because it's helping cities and schools districts run by emergency managers. It's also trying to keep financially strapped local governments from needing a manager to begin with.

The state says money is needed for consultants and experts to get a true reading of cities' financial standing.

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