4 Monroe Jefferson High School students charged in cafeteria food fight

Several other students receive 10-day suspensions for Monroe school food fight

MONROE, Mich. - It was only a cafeteria food fight on Tuesday during lunch at Jefferson High School in Monroe.

However, school officials said it had the potential to injure innocent students and they are not treating it as simple horseplay.

Ryan Boudrie, Nick Brooks, John Grancitelli and Sheldon Myers are charged with disturbing the peace, a 90-day misdemeanor and a $500 fine. They are all juniors and seniors at the school.

The students are allowed to go home with their parents with no bail. They have to be under house arrest from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. and must stay away from school and activities until their suspensions run out.

Corey Long was given a three-day suspension but it was extended to 10 days after he talked with school officials during a two-hour detention after the fight on Tuesday.

His mother, Tina Long, said the punishments are too harsh.

"They're going to force the kids to deny and lie," Tina Long said. "Who wants to do that?"

Corey Long thinks the punishment is ridiculous.

"The food just started flying and I hit the floor. Then I'm hit with peaches and tomatoes," Corey Long said. "I just threw what was left of my food on the ground and took off. And that's what I got suspended for."

Superintendent Craig Haugen said the Monroe County Sheriff's Office is handling the investigation and reviewing school surveillance video of the fight. He said several students have been suspended and the number could grow.

Haugen released this statement: Jefferson School's Statement on food fight charges

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