More on 'Joe' in Bashara murder investigation

Man said he was involved in Jane Bashara's murder; police detain, then release him

GROSSE POINTE PARK, Mich. - Tonight, Joe, the man who says he was an accomplice in the Jane Bashara murder is a free man. But just who is Joe?

After being in police custody for 72 hours, the self proclaimed accomplice was released on Friday. Local 4 cameras rolled as Joe was dropped off in a suburban parking lot, but now he's no where to be found.

Neighbors that know him said they normally see him coming and going.

"He was different," said a neighbor who identified herself only as Mrs. Barber.

According to Mrs. Barber, when she heard Joe had confessed to killing Jane Bashara she was speechless.

"It made me a little more cautious. I'm already cautious, but it made me feel a little eerie to know someone just a few doors down," said Mrs. Barber.

But for people at Pointe Hardware and Lumber, where Joe often bought his supplies, the allegations don't add up to the Joe they know.

"When they said he was involved with it I was kind of surprised. Never really had any problems with him," said a worker at the store.

On Saturday, there was an increased police presence in the neighborhood where Joe lives.

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