Music store break-ins trending in Metro Detroit

Police working to tie together music store break-ins in Troy, Dearborn

By Priya Mann - Reporter

TROY, Mich. -

Police are looking for a black man who was wearing a Northwestern University jacket and driving a gold Jeep Liberty.

They consider him a suspect in a break-in which happened about 1 a.m. Monday at Anderson Music in Troy.

"I feel terrible. All the work you put into making the store look nice and somebody trashes it," said store manager Rob Brandt.

Just four days earlier the Anderson Music store in Dearborn was hit. Using a cinder block, the robbers smashed a window and broke a display case. The suspects made off with multiple instruments valued more than $12,000.

While the alarm did go off, the Comcast line wasn't working. The break-in was found the next morning when an employee arrived to open the store.

"It drives the price of things up, brings up the insurance and creates a market where people can buy instruments cheap in a black market type of thing," said Brandt.

Police have the serial numbers and are going to local pawn shops and monitoring websites where the items could be sold.

"We found out that there is also a Marshall Music in Troy that was hit a couple weeks ago. We're trying to tie this all together," said Troy Police Sgt. Andy Breidenich.

Brandt believes music stores are being targeted more often.

"We wonder if we've been targeted, if somebody had specific instruments in mind," he said.

Anderson music is a family-run business that's been around for 75 years. The last time this store was robbed was back in 2006.

The manager wants to put bars up on the windows but the city of Troy won't allow it.

Police suggest shatter proof windows with strong frames.

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