Mysterious shots fired at vehicles in Wixom

Police investigate string of shots fired at vehicles on Wixom Road

WIXOM, Mich. -

Police in Wixom are searching for a gunman who has been firing shots at various vehicles.

In two cases, the drivers of the vehicles which were struck had no idea what hit them. The shootings have occurred at night and in daylight. Drivers along a 4-mile stretch of Wixom Road between Old Wixom Road and Charms Road have been targeted. Fortunately, no one has been injured.

Aaron Mason's car was among five vehicles hit Thursday afternoon.

"The shot went right through the side of my car," Mason said. "Through this side of my car and right into my driver's seat."

The bullet missed Mason by inches.

"I'm just lucky I didn't get shot," he said.

A shot also was fired at Crystal Meyer's vehicle on Tuesday night. She was on her way home. Bullet fragments were found lodged in the rim of her tire.

"I'm more scared now than probably the night I drove by because of how close it could have been to hitting me," she said.

Police suspect the same person fired shots Tuesday at a man taking out his trash. Police are fearful the next shot could injure someone or worse.

"It is entirely possible that if this continues people will be injured and seriously injured," said Wixom Director of Public Safety Clarence Goodlein.

Police believe the gunman is shooting from a moving vehicle. It takes defensive driving to a new level.

"Everybody is talking about it," said Meyer. "We all live in this area. We all work in this area. So, yes, there's a concern. Hopefully they'll get him soon."

The gunman's suspected vehicle is described as a dark colored sports car with dark colored racing stripes on the top of the car from front to back.

The Livingston County Sheriff's Department reported a similar shooting on Interstate 96. It's unclear if that shooting is related to the Wixom shootings.

Police say there is no need to panic but people definitely need to be cautious.

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