Neighbors in battle over pile of stuff, cars outside Ann Arbor home

Ann Arbor man says stuff not going anywhere despite neighbors' complaints it is making street look bad, not safe for children

By Lauren Podell - Reporter

ANN ARBOR, Mich. -

If you look closely, a house can be seen behind a pile of stuff in an Ann Arbor neighborhood.

The cars lined up along Shady Lane also are piled high with stuff. The neighbors call it clutter.

"The first person who came couldn't find any violations," said David DeVee, who owns the property.

In all, five cars a parked in front of DeVee's house. He says he is not breaking any laws. Still, neighbors are not happy with the sight.

"Their house becomes more and more cluttered the longer they live there," said Lynn Anne Sweezey, a neighbor who is fed up. "And their automobiles become more and more cluttered. They use them for storage."

Sweezey lives just a few houses down where she says she works hard to keep her yard up, and that's what she wants her neighbors to do.

"They are the first house and a reflection on all of us," she said. "And we take a lot of pride in our homes."

One woman put up caution flags for children because, she says, drivers cannot see around the car collection at DeVee's home.

"I have a young daughter and there are kids around and I would like the cars to be moved so when they are riding their bikes around the circle it is safe, so people can see around the stuff," Sue Mcleary, who lives nearby.

However, DeVee says all of his stuff has a purpose and it is not going anywhere.

"I don't want to have to move it around just because it looks bad for our neighborhood," he said. "I do not feel that there is anything wrong with my vehicles being here."

The battle over the stuff continues. Neighbors have gotten City Council members involved.

Local 4 will find out what happens.

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