Convicted Rochester sexual predator asks judge for more time before reporting to prison

James Mcabe wants judge to allow him time for vacation before reporting to prison

By Kevin Dietz - Reporter


James Mcabe was not talking Monday at his Rochester home.

However, Mcabe, a convicted sexual predator, told a judge he does not want to go to prison just yet. He has asked for extra time to report to prison so he can go on vacation with his wife to North Carolina.

Prosecutors are not happy. They told the judge Mcabe is a deviant sexual predator who downloaded disgusting violent movies and photos of adults torturing and raping children. He also is accused of sexually assaulting his own granddaughter. The prosecutors are asking the judge to send a message by refusing a vacation getaway.

Authorities were concerned when they saw hidden camera footage of Mcabe spending hours at a public library while out on bond. The retired driver's education instructor was told to stay away from any place where children congregate. He was told to report to prison by Tuesday.

The judge responded to Mcabe's request for vacation time with a single word: Denied.

He was sentenced to five years in federal prison after pleading guilty to charges.

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