Dogs quarantined in Oakland County

Michigan Department of Agriculture investigates dog adoption operation

TROY, Mich. - The van carried 22 shelter dogs from South Carolina to the Oakland Mall parking lot in Troy.

Before the dogs were given to waiting families, a Michigan agriculture inspector intervened.

The inspector said three dogs showed signs of illness and lacked the needed veterinary papers. The dogs were quarantined.

Another dog, named Bobby, was released to Jennifer Williams, of Farmington Hills. The mixed Labrador is having trouble walking.

"If somebody would have spent 10 minutes with this dog they would have known that something is clearly wrong," said Williams.

The South Carolina dogs were taken to Michigan by Angela Potter, founder of a rescue group called Waggs and Wishes. Potter said most of the dogs featured earlier on her Facebook page are fine.

"We cooperated 100 percent with the Department of Ag. and the Detroit Police Department, and the vet that was on staff," said Potter.

The Department of Agriculture said it was investigating a kennel which Potter ran in Ann Arbor because it was unlicensed. Potter said the kennel has been closed because of a problem with the landlord.

Why did she go all the way to South Carolina?

"A dog in need is a dog in need regardless of where it's at," Potter said.

She said there is another reason, too. When she lost the Ann Arbor kennel she was left with more than 24 dogs that had to be boarded elsewhere. Most of those dogs were pit bulls. She said she owes bills for their care. She wants to use adoption fees paid for by the South Carolina dogs' adoption families.

"Everyone's struggling. It's hard times right now. We just want to continue to do what we do and help animals," Potter said.

Potter did disclose to Williams that her dog had a limp from being caged too long. However, Williams' veterinarian told her it's much more serious.

"They're talking a couple thousand dollars," Williams said. "Two months recovery time. And she is going to need medication to manage pain."

The puppy is no longer in Williams' home. She is in under the care of another animal rescue group.

Potter said her business was spinning out of control.

"It was. My problem is I have a huge heart. I never learned to say no. That was something I had to come to grips with. Which I finally did a few months ago," she said.

Though the state quarantined three of the dogs, Waggs and Wishes is allowed to care for them at least temporarily. The dogs must be examined by a local veterinarian within 10 days.

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